Type of Consultations

Types Of Consultations & Rates

Rates (USA-in USD)

NEW PATIENT - Comprehensive Intake *


(1 hour and a half to 2 hours)
Special $16000
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Infants and Children

Up to 12 years old (1 hour to 1 hour and a half)
Special $13000
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(45 to 60 minutes)
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(25 to 35 minutes) + 2 follow-ups (15 minutes each) **
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(After 15 minutes and every 15 minutes)
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The consultation fees will vary depending on the type of consultation

Payment is expected in cash or personal check at the time of in-person services.
For telephone or web inquiries, payment will be accepted through Stripe.

*The NEW PATIENT- Comprehensive intake consultation is extensive as it must reveal your "essence" as a person and is of vital importance, since the success of your homeopathic treatment will depend largely on it.
The reason for your visit will be discussed in detail, but your general constitution will also be taken into account. For example - preferences, emotional state, personality type and energy level.
At the end of your first comprehensive visit as a new patient, you will be asked to wait, usually 24 hours, until the most significant symptoms can be classified and, based on the results, a specific treatment can be assigned.
**ACUTE SITUATION: such as colds, flu, colic, indigestion, toothache, dizziness, etc. will receive immediate evaluation and treatment.
Remedies are included with in-person appointments.
Telephone consultations or web consultations will require that you independently and under your responsibility the purchase of the over-the-counter remedy (After the appointment, you will receive instructions on how and where to obtain your homeopathic remedy based on your geographic location).
Shipping of the remedy will also be available with an additional shipping cost of $ 10.00.


If you have made an appointment, you must be prepared in advance for it. Please, read the following forms to find out exactly what to do before your appointment and what to expect from your consultation.

Download your Form

You can download the forms here, print them, complete them and bring them (or send them by email) PRIOR your first appointment.

Homeopathic History Form - New Patient

Patient & Practitioner Agreement

Acknowledgment and Consent to Receive Homeopathic Services

Authorization for Disclosure of Personal and Protected Health Information

Professional Disclosure Statement

Other Forms

You can download the appropriate Remedy Instructions for your case.

Remedy Instructions for dry Dose

Remedy Instructions for Liquid Dose (C-Potency)

Remedy Instructions for Liquid Dose (LM Potency)